Monday, 29 September 2014

The Vale of Shai-Hulud Narrative Campaign, first post.

STOP PRESS - Deep within the Vale of Shai-Hulud (believed to be found somewhere in a secluded part of the Border Princes fought over by petty princelings, wannabe warlords, and tin-pot tyrants) GRIMDARK WAR has been sighted.

Ogre mercenaries and the foul Chaos Ratmen, the SKAVEN, have been indulging in various belligerent activities around the tomb of Lady Miasma Undergusset (RIP), and the bucolic hamlet of Blasthof (twinned with placid-and-picturesque Splashdaun as any student of Shai-Hulud geography knows). Short, bearded things are also believed to be marching (slowly) to the theatre as assorted casus bellum(*) and/or retrospective justifications for such are dreamt up. Wild rumours abound of pointy-eared xenophobes with misplaced superiority complexes also poking their unwanted sniffy noses into the matter. Wrongs to be righted, and rights to be wronged! (As an old advert for an earlier edition claimed).


Coop - Ogres (and Wood Elves if paint table activity is anything to go by)
Darth Phil - Skaven (and High Elves if paint table activity is anything to go by)
Steven - Dorfs.


Border Patrol rules (500 points) from WD285.
No unpainted mans.
No unbased mans.
All named characters lost in battle die for good on a 6 on d6.


(*) I was expelled from the University of Middenheim before completing Prof. Herr Käse's lessons in Speak Language (Classical). This plural may not actually be correct.