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Regiment of Reknown famed for their role in the Battle of the All Day Breakfast and the frenzied relief attempts of Krak-Horr to which there was a happy ending.

Champion of the Crippledick Peak tribe Golfbhag evantually got greedy (well, even more greedy) and made an attempt to depose his tribal chieftain. His plan rumbled by the machinations of the King's most favoured Gnoblar catamite Golfbhag fled the tribal lands with a handful of loyal family members.

Seeking employment as a mercenary in human lands Golfbhag has since attracted a company's worth of similar Ogre renegades and outcasts. He is currently serving a mysterious employer and is campaigning within the Vale of Shai-Hulud.


Pictured in his famous red-painted (lacquered, the blacksmith said it was called) armour and wielding his favourite double-headed axe Wurzel Damage.

(Ogre Bruiser - Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Great Weapon)


Ogres Bulls loyal to Golfbhag who take their regimental name from the lands from which the original cadre are exiled. Led by Mulig the Rhino.

(3 x Ogres armed with Light Armour, Hand Weapon and Hand Weapon including Crusher)


Armed with blunderbusses taken from a looted Chaos Dwarf land-train. "Counts as" Leadbelchers.

(3 x Leadbelchers armed with Light Armour, Hand Weapon and Leadbelcher Gun)


The elite of the Company, the Skraughterers are a feared unit of Iron Guts that usually accompany Golfbhag into battle as his most trusted henchmen. The Skraughters are currently led by the Crusher Skragg-Slagg - orders are shouted above the din of battle by the notoriously loud Bellower Frakta the Cacophonous.

(3 x Ironguts armed with Heavy Armour and Great Weapon including Crusher, Musician)


Simultaneously Golfbhag's Grandfather, Great-Uncle and second cousin, Great-Uncle Fishguts is these days too demented and senile to take to the field.  He instead follows the company around alternately shouting advice to his grandson/great-nephew/second cousin, dribbling, and falling asleep. He wields Biteychild, the ancient Club of Biting that once bit the fingers clean off the hands of Ogre King Shabba of the Ranx. Rarely using the club for it's intended purposes these days has however caused it's malign little personality to grow bored and it is notorious for going through troublesome behavioural phases of biting Great-Uncle Fishguts as much as is possible.

(Unstatted - has never been played. But I liked the model - from the Reaper Bones range - so he got bought and painted)


Legends tell in hushed tones of the day that Golfbhag (following an epic nineteen day drinking bender after the capture of Burton-am-der-Trent) boasted that he would go up Mount Urethaneedle and capture a living Sky-Titan. This was actually done but nobody felt brave enough to point out that the example Golfbhag brought back down the mountain appeared to A - be quite small, B - was wrapped in swaddling, C - cried a lot, and D - would only drink milk.

Happily however "The Babby" as he came to be known appeared to thrive under Ogre fostering and will one day take to the field as a valued member of the tribe. Golfbhag has attempted to teach the infant Sky-Titan all the things he will need to know as an honorary Ogre such as eating, drinking, belching, and hitting things. Suffering from an uncharacteristic attack of paternalism, Golfbhag spoils The Babby rotten. He does however draw the line at changing nappies - that is what slave Gnoblars are for.

(Giant - never going to be playable in Border Patrol!)

Figures - Mantic. Great-Uncle Fishguts is from Reaper Bones. The Babby is a repurposed Skylanders Giants toy. The human included for scale is from Crusader Miniatures - the usual 28mm scale on a 25mm base)

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