Sunday, 2 November 2014

Initial Engagements

Flank Charged by Big Man-Things
Nurglott hissed in anger as his wounds were dressed. He was distinctly unhappy after skirmishes with Ogres and Dwarves had not gone as expected. His force had outnumbered the ogres with three times as many warriors. His clanrats should have been crawling over the corpses of the giant man-things. The plague rats should be making drinking vessels of their enemies skulls.
Instead Nurglott had suffered an ignominious defeat as his rats had charged the man-things and been trampled under their oversized feet.
The Skaven dressing the wound pulled tight on the coarse thread and closed a deep gash in the chieftains arm. Reacting with a combination of pain, anger and frustration, Nurglott ripped his dagger from its sheath and slammed the short rusty blade in the the skull of the unfortunate Skaven

Before The Fire Bomb
Nurglotts chance encounter with the dwarves had gone a similar way. The dwarves had possessed some sort of explosive fire bomb which, although not as effective as some of the Clan Skyre weapons that Nurglott had seen in action, was sufficient enough to injure enough Clanrats causing them to flee. The Plague Monks had been similarly unsuccessful in charging into combat and were forced to leave the area in the hands of the hated short man-things.

Nurglott picked at the stitches and pondered. From across the cavern where his warband were resting he could see wounds being treated, meat being eaten and the Plague Monks seemingly undertaking some dark ritual to the Great Horned Rat.
With an uncanny sense Nurglott looked at his two clanrat champions. There was some sort of heated debate going on between Vectiss Cyst and Seeprost. From his body language, the fur hackles and the loud barks, Vectiss was angered by Seeprost. Vectiss was a snivelling wretch, no to be trusted, but something was awry. Seeprost lashed out with a clawed hand at Vectiss. At this slight, both groups of clanrats rose onto their haunches to support their champions.

Nurglott leaped up from his resting place, dagger still in his hand. His chieftains roar caused the clanrats to back down in subservience. The two champions turned to face Nurglott and both dropped into a bowed position, Vectiss almost digging his way into the cavern floor, the urge to be better than his rival champion clear.

Nurglott hissed at the pair.

Vectiss’ eyes were half closed looking down at Nurglott's feet. Seeprost however was staring directly at his chieftain. Nurglott tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow, his red eyes boring into those of Seeprost. A challenge?

Slowly Seeprost shook his head and lowered his gaze. Defiance seemed to burn from him though. Satisfied, Nurglott and his champions returned to their respective resting places. Throughout the altercation the Plague Monks had continued their dark prayers.

Nurglott picked up the haunch of a dead clanrat and began gnawing at it. Vectiss Cyst, as a  troublesome, vile Skaven would die sooner rather than later but at least he knew his place. Seeprost however was a different matter. Nurglott had not expected a challenge from him. He would have to be watched...

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